PlugIM one of the more popular pligg sites visitor numbers are falling

PluggIM Internet Marketing Pligg SitePlugIM is considered to be one of the mores successful social marketing site’s that is based upon the pligg CMS system. Work began on the site in May of 2006 and after PlugIM’s launch popularity quickly grew , over the past few months however PlugIM’s visitor numbers seem to have been declining steadily.

PlugIM is a Social Internet Marketing web site better explained below but as with all pligg based sites it’s a user promoted content system.

PlugIM is a user driven Internet marketing community. Submit content, share articles, comment on projects and promote your favorites to the front page. If its Internet marketing related, plug it on PlugIM

PlugIM was one of the first pligg based to sites integrate specific custom code into their system and even contributed some great modules and code to the pligg project itself, the theme that PlugIM currently sports was designed by the talented who also has a fantastic free theme available for pligg titled b-ice.

PlugIM’s traffic has been in gradual decline since it peaked in June of his year, you can see PlugIM’s traffic graph PlugIM Alexa Statistics over at

PlugIM Alexa Statistics December 2007

Sphinn still comes in way ahead of PlugIM in visitors and must be by now one of the most successful Pligg based sites on the web at the present time. Sphinn Alexa Rankings

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Author: on December 11th, 2007

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