Pligged V9.9.1 CMS System Released

Pligg_v9_9_1.imageupload.jpgThe last official release of the Pligg CMS system was way back on January 1st 2008, since then however development has slowed to a near stop with even the SVN disappearing out of the community’s reach. Very little news has broken from pligg as to the scheduled release of v1.0 of pligg, for myself and many others 5 months without a full release or even a bugfix is way too long for any CMS system.

Today at social CMS buzz we release Pligged v9.9.1 with all the current bugfixes taken care of and a plethora of new features all integrated into one simple installer, new users to pligg no longer need to search forums for hours looking for bugfixes or current modules as they are all included. We have also included our PliggedBlue template integrated fully within the release.

Fixes From v9.9.0

  • Story Page Fixed To Show Full Text Article, was displaying only a summary.
  • Bug in dbtree.php that was giving errors on sub category’s now fixed.
  • Scriptaculous module pligg_effects.js and pligg_effects-min.js now gzipped for faster loading.
  • Various other fixes and tweaks.Additions to v9.9.1

Added v9.9.1 Features

  • SEO Google Friendly URL system with hypen as seperator.
  • Category SEO FRiendly URL system with hypen as seperator.
  • Image Upload Module v1.03 integrated into the templates.
  • XML Google sitemaps v0.9 added to modules.
  • RSS Importer v0.6 Included with Modules.
  • Askimet Antispam module v0.4a added, it doesn’y work correctly but hey it’s been added anyway.
  • Added long overdue Function to delete discarded stories and optimize the pligg database, this can be achieved from the Admin / News Management section.
  • Added Complete spamkill system to delete users, stories, votes, tags etc from the database, pligg never deleted anything before.
  • SpamSlaughter added to users profiles for administrator and god, this is a more streamlined way to reach the spam kill link.
  • Related Links implemented on summary view with AJAX, you will see a new link next to Tell A Friend, Save, Add To etc title Related Links.
  • Added Blacklist IP Spam Protection Module.

Download: Pligged v9.9.1 CMS System

Existing v9.9.0 Template Upgrade Instructions: HERE

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Author: on June 13th, 2008

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  1. DavidDunn says:

    What’s really strange to me is the fact that someone else has posted a comment under my name above, Just for the record i did NOT post that comment above?

  2. LincolnHawks says:

    @David the four negative comments FuckingRetard, The Watcher, David Dunn and sad sack are actually from the same over protective user with the same IP 😉 haha

    Why he decided to imitate you i have no idea other than you may have posted a comment here before and he thought that by imitating your name it may add some credibility to his cause.


  3. David Mackey says:

    Nice job. I’m looking forward to seeing what we can pull from your release into our codebase at Informed Networker.

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