Pligg CMS System Hasn’t Been Developed Since Feburary 12th 2008 Pligg project has never been the fastest open source cms system to release updates to their code-base, over the past two months however it would seem updates to the project have went from a slow pace to a complete halt?. The latest release of the popular digg clone cms system v9.9.0 was released on the 1st January 2008, worrying news for the community is that the project code base has not been worked on since 12th February 2008.

When i have been visiting the pligg forum lately i noticed an increase in the lack of participation in threads by site staff, more over the main developer Ashdigg has been pretty much MIA since mid February. After our recent article a few days ago about PycURL spam attacks that are still affecting v9.9.0 of pligg catchapen made a comment about the development of the project that i decided to look a further into.

It would seem that the main pligg developer has been MIA (Missing In Action) since around the 12th February 2008, this date was the last edit that had been made to the SVN repository where pligg core and branch code is developed. As you can see from the image below the code-base was last updated on 12th February 2008.


This in community terms means that the code base has not been updated for over seven weeks now, we looked around the pligg forums, blog for any hint of information on the lack of development, holiday, well deserved break, personal problems etc and drew a complete blank. Most pligg community members may not have noticed the lack of development as i imagine very few visit the SVN, this however must be worrying as it would seem an update to v9.9.0 may be a long way off yet.

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Author: Lincoln on April 2nd, 2008

Category: Pligg

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  1. Andrey says:

    OH MY GOD!!!
    Maybe Drigg will be better… But there one deweloper too :-[

  2. Geoserv says:

    Pligg has really gone down hill the last few months.

    Though, the Pligg has always been driven, coded and enhanced by the member base and NOT the developers.

  3. Hi,

    Drigg right now is under active development. We are closing all of the outstanding issues (mainly important feature requests). Then, we need to separate drigg.module into separate modules (it’s too big right now), and update it to Drupal 6.

    One more developer has joined me (a godsend), and two more have shown active interest. With 4 part-time programmers, Drigg would really start flying.

    But, I must say, developing something like this is _hard_ work. And the only reward is the knowledge that I am doing something quite amazing (DEFINITELY not on my own!). Right now, if I hadn’t found the help of more people and didn’t have Drupal’s infrastructure behind me (for bug reports, issues, existing codebase, etc.) I would have given up.

    Ash did a remarkable job, and developed Pligg for a very long time. Kudos to him. I think the right attitude really here is “How do we help Pligg and its main developer?”. If I were Ash, I would like people to be asking that question…


    Drigg Developer

  4. Sergio says:

    I’ve been following Pligg development relatively closer I have to agree with Geoserv 100% (I remember you where a very active contributor to the project), and not only that, I add more to what he said. I think that the core developers became greedy! Most OSS developers do what they do because they love programming.
    Take WordPress for an example: everyone who uses it, knows (and its very clear) that the developers really love the project and get much effort in to it.

    Pligg… well it’s on beta since probably the beginning! not only that, but every new version, sometimes comes with a lot more bugs than the previous one. I think that the core developers are a bunch of kids that think of Pligg as a programming playground. Just look at the code! All messy…

    I use it, but probably will not update my install for the next years… probably I will continue developing on my own, going a different path.

    By the way: Geoserv, you could get some more guys and “rip” Pligg, starting a new project! Really! Unfortunately I don’t know programming. Just an idea, thought.


  5. I spoke with Yankidank about this perhaps a week or two ago, as I do visit the SVN regularly and noticed the significant break. He informed me that Pligg was still under active development – that AshDigg has embarked on an intensive 2.0 complete rewrite, and that they had decided not to include this new rewrite in the SVN. It frustrates me that it’s not in the SVN, as I do like following the development progress, but things are still happening…and I’m hoping to jump on and perform some development myself shortly.

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