Pligg Seo Edition v9.9.0 Released

pligg_seo.gifSome of our members here at Social CMS Buzz have been requesting a version of pligg v9.9.0 with all our Mods applied at install so here it is Pligg SEO Edition, we also decided to apply some fixes to bugs that are present in the official distribution of pligg v9.9.0 so enjoy.

This version of Pligg has been modified and bugfixed to provide users with a out of the box working v9.9.0 of the pligg cms system. Being that pligg is still in beta stages the official install requires searching through the pligg forums looking for specific fixes to the official packages bugs, this can be a rather tedious task for webmasters and frustrating for new pliggers that do not know the codebase.

Here at Social CMS Buzz we decided to take care of all the main bugs in v9.9.0 and added all of our free templates “5 in total” along with our modifications for seo. Also included in this version of pligg is a working Image Upload Module integrated into all the provided templates and a XML Sitemaps Module that has been edited to work with this version of pligg only due to the url structure.


1. Pligg SEO Friendly Optimal Page Titles Hack

2. Pligg Google SEO Friendly URL Rewrite Hack

3. Removed the word /category/ from Pligg’s category URL’s


1. Image Upload Module v1.03 For Pligg v9.9.0

2. XML Sitempas Module For Pligg v9.9.0 SEO EDITION
NOTE: This is custom sitemaps module for the SEO EDITION of pligg only, this is needed to work along side the Removed the word /category/ from Pligg’s category URL’s code changes. This Module will also only work if you have enabled URL Method 2 in pligg.


1. Tag Cloud Range 1 to range/4 no result Bug Fixed

2. Allow edit of summary in IE7 BUG FIXED

3. story shows summary, not full description BUG FIXED

Pligg Tweaks

1. Searching displays newest submitted content first the reverse of the official pligg distro.


1. Blossoms
2. Convergence
3. CoolWater
4. DarkWater
5. Experience

Download Pligg Seo Edition v9.9.0

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Author: on February 10th, 2008

Category: Pligg

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  1. Oltimus says:

    I have a problem. When I try to put some characters that exists in my language they are not codified very well (

  2. Achmadbiz says:

    I use this SEO Edition version, but why the links in”related links ” aren’t valid ( when I click it , sometimes found, and sometimes not found *confused ).

  3. achmadbiz says:

    I’ve solved the problem :), when I upgrade my site using this version the links changed too, so I copy one line from old .htaccess that handle my old links : http://xxx/story/title/post_title.
    Thanks to Lincoln for this SEO version 🙂

  4. LincolnHawks says:

    cool achmadbiz,

    Could you post your fix in the forum for others and i will also include it in the next SEO edition package.

    Thanks Lincoln

  5. ibbpero says:

    Have you noticed the URLs for the related stories ?

    I have something like this…la-story-title when it should be
    This is a big problem with duplicate content, do you have a fix for it ?

  6. says:

    I have pligg site and I was wondering how I can get it SEO friendly. Website is at
    please give me suggestions, thanks.

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