Pligg – Reminds us once again why it’s worth avoiding at all costs

So i’m browsing the pligg forum and come across an interesting thread today where a user Teri asks if pligg has a feature that will allow an external image to be uploaded with a story. Instead of getting the correct answer to his question from the Pligg developers Teri is asked to purchase a module which does not and never will do what he asked for, great support and advice from developers eh.?

Pligg have a long history for misleading and fleecing their shrinking member base to try and make a quick buck or two, now it would seem however they are taking advantage of new users by giving incorrect information on features which do not exist for pligg simply to get a purchase made from their Pligg Store.

What Teri Asked for At Pligg Link To Pligg Forum Topic

Is it possible user to paste url address to picture, and the system to resize it and publish it with the story? I have seen only Upload method, but often is more useful to paste only the link to the image.
Thanks in advance!

You see what Teri asked for was pretty simple to understand, he wanted the option when submitting a story that a text input field would be available to insert an external image into the story. The said image would then be uploaded and resized automatically upon submission of the story.

Pretty simple to understand you would think, well not for ChuckRoast it wasn’t instead he got Teri to Purchase the Pligg Submit Pro module which does not do what Terri asked for and never will.

Below is chucks Reply to Teri’s question.

It’s possible with this module
Pligg Submit Pro

So what does Teri do next, well like any new member would do he takes the developers advice as you would expect and purchases the Plgg Pro Submit module only to realize it does nothing like what he had asked for? The thread at pligg continues with ChuckRoast feebly trying to show Teri that the module does what he asked for in a round about hacked way, which is in fact nothing like Teri had asked for but had ended up purchasing anyway due to Chuck’s advice.

This is a pretty poor scenario considering Chuck will have known exactly what Teri described and requested was not a feature thats available for pligg, yet he still directed Teri towards making a purchase on a useless module that did not meet his requirements in any way.

A user called Catchpen then goes on to post a link on how to acheive the feature Teri requested for free, ChuckRoast however once again like happens so often at pligg decided that Catchpens link should be deleted from the post?.

This is really poor support from a so called developer and i use the term developer very loosely, pligg has had major problems since Feburary 2008 and it would seem that all the publicity they have had during this period has not seen a change in certain developers attitude or member support approach one single bit.

If you would like to acheive something similar to the feature Teri actually asked for Free of Charge you can read a tutorial we wrote some months ago titled “Pligg Extra Fields: Display Externally Hosted Images On Pligg Story Pages“. This method wont resize the image dynamically but you could expand on this metod and use phpThumb or something similar to acheive the exact result Teri requested. Contradictory to what Chuck says in his last post before the thread was closed/locked over at for no apparent reason this method will work 100% with v9.9.5 of pligg.

It’s these type of action’s that has made pligg the laughing stock of Open Source Software and has ultimately gotten it the reputation of being a system to avoid at all costs. Poor, Poor, Poor, and Teri should get a full refund.

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Author: on November 16th, 2008

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  1. catchpen says:

    Hi Lincoln.
    I don’t post at Pligg much anymore but the newer members I feel sorry for since they aren’t aware of Yankiroasts bait and switch BS . I posted a link within the Pligg forum on how to install nicedit or TinyMCE WYSIWYG editors for free which is the same as “Submit Pro” and it gets deleted. How desperate can you be? Deleting a post that just links to another thread?
    Another measure Pligg has taken to keep their novice members in the dark is replacing socialwebcms, SWCMS, or socialcmsbuzz with “bittercms” if you post or even send a personal message on the forum.

  2. Geoserv says:

    I have been saying how incompetent chuckroast is for well over a year now. Everytime I read stuff like this the first thing out of y mouth is “I told ya so”.

    Pligg developers are a joke, chuckroast for the reasons quite evident, and Yankidank for allowing this crap to go on and being a party to it.

    They ruined Pligg.

    SWCMS will put the final nail in their coffin in time.

    Sorry, but I hate chuchroast with a passion.

    Oh, good post Lincoln. 🙂

  3. catchpen says:

    Here’s a version of Nicedit WYSIWYG editor for SWCMS that will give the same results. It should work with Pligg, it’s free and isn’t over kill. Included is a small hack to keep the open HTML tags from screwing up the link summary page.

  4. Lincoln says:

    Nice mod catchpen thanks for pointing users in it’s direction.

  5. bellogenio says:

    Does this merit drama? I tried accessing through (thinking the .ORG would redirect to but I had a laugh that it redirected to Pligg’s site….

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