Pligg Development Hasn’t Stopped It’s Just Went Private For Now?

pligg.pngIn an article we wrote last month it was revealed that pligg had not been developed for months leaving lots of users worried about the continuation of the project. Information on this subject has been non existent over at luckily a pligger named Dave Mackey the owner of asked some questions that got a less that open response from developer ChuckRoast. It does seem however that all pligg SVN development has went private for some reason and v1.0 will be released sometime but will be more of the same old v9.9.0 with some bugfixes rather than new essential much needed features.? It has also been hinted that pligg v2.0 may be released sometime in the future.

DaveMackey The SVN for Pligg has not been updated in two months and AshDigg has been entirely absent from the forums. After speaking with Yankidank, I understand that AshDigg is working on a complete rewrite of the system, which is great…But I (can only speak for myself) need some further guidance on this matter and thought the community could benefit from the discussion as well.

ChuckRoast: While those are some good questions and they deserve to be answered, although some questions can’t be answered directly at the moment because we are still working a few things out.

DaveMackey 1. When can we expect to see a new release of the Pligg CMS?

ChuckRoast: 1 Development has not stopped. We moved the SVN from Sourceforge to a new location. I can’t give out that location as of yet because I’m not sure I have the permission to.

DaveMackey 2. Should we continue development utilizing Pligg 0.9.x code or is Pligg 2.x fastly approaching?

ChuckRoast: 2. We have already compiled a new release canidate and are currently putting it through all the paces in the development forum. It will probably be released to the public in the next few weeks.

DaveMackey 3. What will be the salient features of Pligg 2.0 – will it for example utilize the TemplateLite templating engine?Making a complete break with the previous code base is not something I would normally recommend, though in this specific instance I can understand as much of the code was inherited and the featureset has changed radically…I just feel a bit in the dark and cold. Perhaps Yankidank, chuckroast, kbeever, ashdigg, etc. could throw a little more light on the matter?

ChuckRoast: 3. I’ve personally been working to get Ash to be able to work with us more but it’s not really all up to me, or Ash for that matter. It’s another thing that is kind of hard to explain at the moment. But rest assured, this is being worked out and one way or another Pligg will eventually get to 1.0.

ChuckRoast: 4. There is a completely new rewrite of Pligg. It’s coming along swimmingly. I am not sure if it will ever be released as “Pligg 2.0” or as something entirely different. I guess it depends on how things pan out with #3

ChuckRoast: 5. We had planned on having a monthly newsletter which we started back in December in order to keep everyone up to speed on these things. Everyone seemed to like it but one developer. It just so happens that one developer controls mass mailings, so unfortunately that kind of died off like many other good ideas the developers have been unable to do..

The fact the SVN has been moved (Without Any Notice) and cannot be accessed by members is less than Open Source mentality, Chuck also mentions that a new Release Candidate has been in testing on the developer forums we searched for this release in the development forums and couldn’t find any trace of it? All in all we really can take very little from these less than open answers that contain lots of IF’S and MAYBE’S with no substantial hard facts, we might be doing this or we may be doing that still wont reassure the pligg community that the futures bright for pligg.

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Author: on May 5th, 2008

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