Pligg CMS System v9.9.0 Released

you.jpgThe Pligg CMS developers have released the latest version of their successful digg clone php, mysql based social voting system titled v9.9.0 BETA. Pligg had spent 2 weeks beta testing this new version proir to release it would seem however it wasn’t long enough as current users are having problems upgrading their pligg v9.8.2 to v9.9.0 as you can read here. Also v9.8.2 templates are not compatible with pligg v9.9.0 as yet so if you have a custom template do not upgrade to v9.9.0 just now, the developers are planning to release a template specific change set soon although it would have been nice to coincide these changeset guidelines with the v9.9.0 release.

Let’s hope the changes made in v9.9.0 are worth the wait with no major bugs present, pligg hasn’t exactly got off to a good start once again with it’s latest beta release suffering upgrade problems even after a beta testing period.

Many bug fixes.

For a complete list, please visit: Repository – [pligg] Log of /branches/9.x
Revision 1297 – 1498 are changes from Beta 9.8.2 to Beta 9.9

* Removing lightbox messaging module. Too many people were having trouble so it will be reworked. Use ‘simple messaging’ instead.
* Added the ‘agree to terms’ module v0.1.
* Modified the register process to allow more modules and better error displaying.
* Added a create() function to the user library.
* Update to allow multiple lang.conf files to be used.
* Moved some meta tags out of pligg.tpl and into meta.tpl
* Moved faq-en-center to the general template folder.
* Moved 404Error.tpl into the template folder.
* Added a mailer function. This will use PHP’s mail() by default and will allow modules to be built to use others, like Swift Mailer, with more advanced features.
* Added the Akismet module.
* Added the Captcha module.
* Added the Template Management module.
* Added some anti-CSRF to the user profile page.
* Minified pligg_effect.js using Yahoo! UI Library: YUI Compressor v2.2.5
* Combined 3 js files into 1.
* Move jspath.php into xmlhttp.php.
* Combined 7 images into 1 and use CSS to seperate. Will reduce HTTP requests / server load / page load time.
* Misc code/speed improvements.
* Added a robots.txt file.
* Only logged in users can use the ’email to friend’ and added a limit so a user can only send an email every X seconds.
* Removed PHP from many of the templates.
* Improved MySQL query caching.
* Update to make it easier for one-click installs by webhosts.

A template specific changeset is coming soon. If using a template other than yGet or using a modified yGet, it’s recommended to wait for the template changeset list.

Download: Pligg Beta v9.9.0 Full Install and Upgrade Package

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Author: on January 1st, 2008

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