Moroccan Man Arrested For Fake Facebook Profile

facebook_logo.gifCNN published a story today revealing that a Moroccan engineer Fouad Mourtada, 26 had been arrested for Identity Theft relating to a facebook profile. Fouad Mourtada was arrested on Wednesday by Moroccan authorities for allegedly stealing the identity of the king’s younger brother on the social networking Web site, Facebook.

King Mohammed VI and has family have absolutely no official Internet presence preferring to release all their family news through the north African country’s news agency which is state run. State Owned News = Controlled to hell as far as i can tell from history.

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Author: on February 7th, 2008

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  1. Redo says:

    The guy is innocent and should not have his life destroyed just for this alleged false profile creation. To be honest, everybody does not publish his/her true profile using those social networking websites such as facebook. Please sign a petition which was setup for his freedom’s sake on: