The Spanish Language Digg Clone Updates To V3 the Spanish Language based Social Voting site yesterday put live v3.0 of their Open Source code-base. With many improvements and a completely new layout v3.0 is hoping to ensure Meneame’s position as the top Spanish based social voting site. was the open source code base that was used to create the popular Englished based pligg software, all of the Meneame code-base is primarily Spanish language based but can be translated into English.

The main changes to Meneame v3.0 are layout based as you will see below.

Old v2.0 Layout

New V3.0 Layout

Click Here to read a post about the changes and new features on the Meneame blog translated to English, features like geo story positioning with google maps is something i really liked.

Whats really cool about Meneame is the fact that it’s open source and can be used by anyone to create their own digg like web site. Since pligg forked the Meneame project a few years back they have separated the template code and made many more changes, looking at the pligg code and Meneame code you will see vast differences between both systems. If you have used Pligg before don’t expect Meneame to be the same with install or templates etc, Meneame is more complicated and not for beginners.


Meneame SVN

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Author: on July 16th, 2008

Category: Other CMS

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  1. David Mackey says:

    At some point it would probably be worthwhile to have a developer go back over the new Meneame code and see what can be learned from and integrated into Pligg.

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