Jpligger: Pligg and Joomla Integration Mambot Project Launched

JoomlaLogo.pngPligg the popular open source social voting CMS system has always had one downfall and that was integration with other open source web scripts, pligg did integrate with vbulletin for a while around a year ago. Since then though their has been no integration for phpBB, Vbulletin, IPB, SMF, Joomla, WordPress etc. Considering that the Pligg code-base hasn’t had an update from the development team for six months now integration will be the last thing on the dev’s minds, taking this into consideration a user has decided to create his own integration for Joomla titled Jpligger.

Current Version: 1.0 Beta

License: GPL

Description: This mambot will sync Joomla and Pligg login with ease.

Tested on: Joomla 1.0.13; CB 1.1; Pligg 9.8.2
Note : CB is not required for this mambot to work

Detail Description: This mambot will allow you to run Pligg inside Joomla using Wrapper. It will sync user registration, login and forgot password between Joomla, CB and Pligg.

Support: Community Driven and If I find time.

Ideal Installation:

  • Use at your own risk! Backup first or use in test environment first.
  • Install Joomla in root folder
  • Install Pligg in /<pliggfoldername>
  • Note DB settings of Pligg
  • Install JPligger Mambot in Joomla
  • Visit its settings (In admin > Mambots > JPligger)
  • Provide details of Pligg DB
  • Publish and Save
  • Hide Registration through Pligg. Instructions here: hide-pligg-registration.txt

Optional Information: Pligg inside Joomla wrapper

  • Link your Pligg in Joomla wrapper
  • Use on /<pliggfoldername> in Wrapper Link Field
  • Set width and height to 100%, no scrollbar, yes to auto height.
  • Remove Pligg Header. Edit /<pliggfoldername>/templates/<yourtemplate>/header.tpl (Remove as much as you can. Trail and Error)
  • Remove Pligg Footer. Edit /<pliggfoldername>/templates/<yourtemplate>/footer.tpl (Remove as much as you can. Trail and Error)
  • Remove unwanted Siderbar modules. Edit /<pliggfoldername>/templates/<yourtemplate>/sidebar.tpl (Remove Login/Registration Module and others as much as you can. Trail and Error)
  • Fit Pligg into wrapper:
    Edit CSS file of your Pligg template
    Find Contentbox and edit its width, find Sidebox and edit its width, find Wrap and edit its width
    Note: Depending on your joomla template width, set wrap width to max. Then split the max width between Contentbox and Sidebox. Also remember that there is padding in between so take that into account as well.
  • Thats all you need but if you want to dig down and integrate fully, there are more things that can be done.

Download JPligger Mambot

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Author: on June 1st, 2008

Category: Pligg Modules

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  1. Man thankx
    Keep up the good work

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