Informed Networker Announces It’s Moving From Pligg To Social Web CMS

Informed NetworkerInformed Networker which was formed by Dave Mackey have recently announced on their blog that they intend to switch from Pligg CMS¬† to Social Web CMS, IN is the latest established Pligg site to announce a switch to the Social Web CMS Project. This particular switch is another blow for the pligg project as Dave and IN have been one of the most active contributors to the pligg project for many months now, we would go as far to say even more active than the actual owners of the project have been during this time. A very well laid out post on the Informed Networker Blog explains more about IN’s decision to change system, and also some insight into the new Social Web CMS project.

For those who have watched the site closely, you may know that we are based on the open source social news network platform known as Pligg. At this time we will begin the process of moving away from Pligg and to SWCMS.

Dave’s Full Blog Post: IN and SWCMS (yes, geeks love acronyms)

Dave has contributed much code, modules and time to the Pligg project and i am sure SWCMS will benefit greatly from his dedication and experience.

Social Web CMS: Social Web CMS

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Author: on August 12th, 2008

Category: Social Web CMS

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  1. Geoserv says:

    One of many I am sure to make the leap in the next month or so, Pligg has sealed their fate with their recent antics not to mention the things that have gone on since last fall.

  2. pligger says:

    What happened to the Pligg site? Is it down? I can;t get to it!

  3. chuck says:

    sold it