IndianPad User Account Spam Is A Growing Trend

IndianPad is a social news website targeted towards the Indian language based community and based upon the Pligg system is suffering badly from the creation of spammy user accounts. What do these accounts look like and why are thy being setup on IndianPad and other Pligg based websites in their droves?.

Spam is one of the largest problems and headaches users of a Pligg based website will face in it’s lifetime, spam has and will continue to target Pligg based websites for the simple reason that Pligg has as yet no truly effective spam defense measures to talk about. This has caused many problems for Pligg owners as it is probably the easiest and therefore the most favored way by spam/blackhat marketers to gain fast backlinks to their websites, splogs, user profiles etc.

Over the past few weeks we have received several emails from pligg and wordpress blog owners that alerted us to a new type of Pligg spam that seems to be catching on quite quickly in some circles Pligg profile spam.

Pligg Profile Spam is fake user acounts that are created by spammers to try and gain backlinks to websites of their choosing, profiles are created with several links to the spam content and crammed full of targeted spam keywords. The creator of  these profiles then tries to gain links to these Pligg profiles by other methods such as auto blog commenting and submitting the profiles to other bookmarking sites. blogs and websites.

Below is an image of one of the many spam profile’s that has been created at IndianPad.


And another Image


This type of spam is yet another nuisance for Pligg website owners although it seems that none of these created profiles ever actually submit or vote upon content, and for good reason. If you create a spam account and submit spam stories your more likely to get found out, with these dormant type spam accounts the profile becomes lost in amongst others and therefore draws little or no attention towards it. It however still gains the creator a backlink to his or her spam site.

If you own a Pligg site’s user profile spam is simply another thing from a long line of things that will cause you headaches when running and maintaining your Pligg site. One deterrent to consider may be for Pligg owners to make all user profile page url fields etc all rel=”nofollow”, this way the spam account will gain no benefit from any of it’s links.

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Author: on April 26th, 2009

Category: Pligg

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  1. Geoserv says:

    Hmm…thanks for the heads up, it’s basically an expanded spam method of what use to happen, which was just spam user accounts but not loaded with links.

  2. Blogger Den says:

    I can see how this would get difficult to maintain on a larger site, but having more moderators on to delete user accounts would surely help fix it.

    And I have to add that adding the rel=”nofollow” will help out a bit, it will still give them a backlink to their site from a high-ranking Alexa and PR site.