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grow.thumbnail.jpgNiche user submitted news site’s are more popular now than they have ever been mostly thanks to CMS systems like Pligg. One of the biggest challenges most pligg webmasters will run up against is the task of making their site look individual and stand out from the evergrowing crowd, Grow a Green User Submitted News site is one of the few sites to have achieved this goal with very nice results.

When we visited Grow we were impressed with the amount of thought and effort that had been placed into the design and functionality of the site, In particular Grow’s category drop-down and vote images are pretty cool. The overall color scheme use’s predominantly white, green and black and has been chosen to integrate pligg with the existing AboutMyPlanet website, this sit’s really well for the user to give a fluid feel when browsing through different sections of the Grow site.

So What is Grow all about then we hear you ask, Bart Dabek explain’s below:

Grow is a news service from and will be entirely controlled by it’s users. You’ll be able to find the most interesting environmental stories all at, updated 24/7. We realize that the key in fighting global warming is spreading the green message and hope that this news service will do just that.

How it works

The GROW news service works by our members sharing environmental stories they find from around the world. Once a story is submitted other members can read the story, and if they find that it’s interesting and they want to promote it further, they can “Grow” it. When a story reaches a certain growth level it will be promoted to the front page of the “GROW” homepage and eventually might be picked up by our main site

The stories that users submit can contain photos and videos, members can also discuss all the stories submitted. We hope that you enjoy the “Grow News Service” and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at “grow [at]”

Grow is still, well Growing but it’s definetley a pligg site worth checking out.

Visit: Grow – Green User Submited News

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Author: on January 10th, 2008

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