GetBoo Open Source Clone bookmarking Engine

GetBoo Bookmarking EngineSocial news and bookmarking engines have become all the rage these past few years on the internet, mostly though it has been digg clone type web scripts like Pligg and Drigg that have caught the limelight. Pligg And Drigg are different to GetBoo in the fact GetBoo is a bookmarking engine and users do not vote upon content for promotion, GetBoo is more like the popular system of bookmarking.

GetBoo Bookmarking Engine

The GetBoo project was started in April 2005 by Maxime Chartrand-Dumas as a project to learn PHP coding, below is how Maxime describes GetBoo.

GetBoo was created more than 3 years ago (April 2005) for the main purpose of learning PHP and MySQL. Also, I wanted to be trained in the web environment, because since we browse the web almost daily I wanted to know how things work. My first idea was to make a bookmarking website. Little I knew about social bookmarking. In fact, I only introduced this type of bookmarking in April last year (2006), after I saw the impact it has on how users bookmark and explore other websites bookmarked by others. I then incorporated features from and scuttle, just to name these two, to my original structure. This was very challenging, and I learned a lot by programming all these new features. The feedback received from the users was very positive, and they helped making a better system by testing all the different features (importing their bookmarks from multiple browsers just to name one). I learned many aspects of web programming, such as how to make your website less vulnerable to hacking attempts and spamming, all these things which you can only experience when going online. GetBoo has been a open-source project for a year now, under the GPL license.

Below are some of the current features of GetBoo.

  • Keep links to your favorite news, blogs, music, games, and more on GetBoo and access them from any computer on the web.
  • Import/Export these links from your browser’s bookmarks and view them with the same hierarchy.
  • Share favorites with friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Find new things. Everything on GetBoo is someone’s favorite – they’ve already done the work of finding it. Explore and enjoy.
  • You can import and export your bookmarks from your browser, and keep the same hierarchy of folders that you have in your browser.
  • You can create and join groups, either public or private, enabling you to share bookmarks for a school research/game strategy/etc.
  • And you get all the social bookmarking advantages, with public bookmarks and tags!
  • Navigate and discover new urls that users found interesting!

If your looking for a dedicated Social Bookmarking Engine to launch your project with GetBoo could be the the ideal solution over Drigg or Pligg.


SourceForge: GetBoo at SourceForge | Download GetBoo v1.04

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