Full CBS 60 Minutes Interview With Mark Zuckerberg The Face Behind Facebook

facebook_logo.gifMark Zuckerberg is said to be worth $3 billion for founding the social networking Web site Facebook. Lesley Stahl talks to the man whose $15 billion company could be the next Google.

If you don’t live in the USA this interview may have passed you by luckily CBS has placed the video on their website for all to watch. The Interview is exactly what you would expect from Zuckerberg with very little information being given away by him, Stahl in my opinion could also have used a more direct line of questioning instead of her “Act Like His Mom” attitude.

FaceBook earlier this year caused a backlash when they launched FaceBook Beacon which is primarily used to gather online shopping information of members from over 40 websites, this information is then used in advertising to promote products to their friends pretty much without the consent of the recommender. Zuckerberg was eventually forced to change the Beacon system after immense pressure from users, this is where FaceBook is failing the same as most web 2.0 sites in trying to figure out how to make FaceBook a profitable company.

You can Watch the full interview HERE over at CBS.

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Author: on January 16th, 2008

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