Free Pligg Template DarkWater v9.9.0

darkwater.large.pngIf you read or visit this blog often you will have noticed that we love and promote open source software and license all of our releases of pligg templates under the Creative Commons License. It was brought to our attention earlier today in an nice email i received (Thanks Tremor) that a pligg developer of all people decided to edit one of our previous pligg templates CoolWater and breach the Creative Commons License it was released under originally from and ourselves to make a quick buck without giving credit to the original template author.

Tremor kindly pointed out that whilst i was in hospital a template looking exceptionally similar to CoolWater had been released over at the Pligg Pro store for $19.99, the template in question is called Midnight Run by Chuck Roast. After looking more closely at the template it was pretty clear Chuck had done nothing more than edit our free CoolWater template color’s in PhotoShop, move the sidebar to the left and removed the footer links to ourselves and which is in direct breach of The Creative Commons License under which CoolWater was released.

As a thank you we decided to spend 30mins editing CoolWater and release DarkWater Pligg Template for free to the community. This is not the type of behaviour we want to see or would expect from an active open source developer. Credit where Credit is due in future please Mr Roast.


Download and Support: Free Pligg Template DarkWater v9.9.0

Update: have now removed the offending template by ChuckRoast from their Pro Store, i think thanks might goto YankiDank but we cannot be sure as no explanation or apology was ever put forward by any member of the pligg team regarding this issue. The closest we got was a post by YankiDank over at the forums.

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Author: on January 29th, 2008

Category: Free Pligg Templates

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  1. skarld says:

    I think I could see myself using your new theme.
    Will a 9.9 templates work with 9.8.2 sites?
    Just being lazy, have you done a post on upgrading?

  2. LincolnHawks says:

    Hi skarld,

    v9.9.0 templates will only work with v9.9.0 of pligg. If you have a v9.8.2 template you want to upgrade to v9.9.0 of pligg AshDigg wrote a excellent tutorial over at the pligg wiki here

    If you follow those instructions you should be able to get all existing v9.8.2 templates working with v9.9.0 😉

  3. James says:

    hmm. Nice step, keep it up man.

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