Elgg Looking For Volunteers To Test The Upcoming V1.0

Elgg Looking For Volunteers To Test The Upcoming V1.0The Elgg project which is an open source social networking platform built on php are looking for volunteers of all experience levels to help test the upcoming v1.0 release of the system. For developers Elgg has now also opened its source code SVN repository to the public.

Quote: Ben Werdmuller

Some of you have expressed interest in participating in the Elgg 1.0 development process. Here are a couple of ways you can join in and help us test the software.

If you’re a less technical user, we’d like to invite you to come into our test community. This is now open for registration, so all you need to do is visit test.elgg.org and sign up for an account. We’d love to hear your feedback, and you’ll find an Elgg Feedback group there for the purpose. (Please note that we’ll be blanking the database from time to time.)

If you’re a developer, we’re pleased to announce that our source code repository is now public. Point your Subversion client at the following repositories:

  • Core Elgg: https://code.elgg.org/elgg/
  • Elgg plugins: https://code.elgg.org/extensions/

Visit: Elgg

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Author: on August 11th, 2008

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