EIOBA: Social Article Submissions Built Using Prado PHP Framework

EIOBA is an article publishing site with a very similar layout and features to that of a social voting website like digg.com, the main difference is that EIOBA deals with exclusively written articles rather than allowing users to submit links to already published articles on external sites. EIOBA is built upon the opensource Prado PHP Framework.

Update: A little mistake by us was kindly brought to our attention by EIOBA, members can also submit external articles to the site ala digg. Just to clear that up 😉

EIOBA: Social Article Submissions

The first thing you will notice about EIOBA is it’s layout which is similar to many of the social voting/bookmarking sites that have launched over the past few years. EIOBA however is not your usual link collecting social voting site, rather a fully fledged article publishing application that draws on many of the successful features of the social voting/bookmarking revolution that has exploded over the past few years.

How it Works

First off like any social based site you will need to create a profile, your profile contains information about what articles you have read, written, had published or have commented upon. Members can also save articles to their profile as Favored articles and a nice touch we thought is the Read Later function where members can bookmark an article to their profile for later reading.

Submitting Content

EIOBA has a very nice submit process and members can either write and submit their article with the online submission form, alternatively members can also upload and import an article they have written in .DOC, .ODT, or .RTF file formats. The import feature in particular is a really nice touch and well implemented.

Submit Form

How Articles Are Promoted

Mariusz Żurawek: If at least 4 users will rate your article, and the average rating will be above 2.5, your article will be moved to “official” catalogue.

Other EIOBA features include groups and user levels, member’s that gain a higher level of rank can perform extra functions on the site like creating groups, editing tags etc. The groups section is a really nice way of making similar content easy to find, if a few good contributers were to band together in one group to produce content it could prove a very interesting feature indeed.

Overall we really like EIOBA and it shows exactly what can be achieved using the freely available Prado PHP Framework, the site’s feature set all works as advertised and with some cool ajax/javascript it looks good and fit’s the current web 2.0 tag that’s always being thrown around.

Visit: EIOBA – Your Articles

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Author: on July 10th, 2008

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  1. EIOBA group says:

    Thanks for review! EIOBA.com group

  2. David Mackey says:

    Hmmm…Interesting. Why would people want to write original content for this site?

  3. EIOBA group says:

    David: there is a little mistake in review. EIOBA is accepting all articles, also reprints from other sites. Project is aim to collect as many of interesting articles as possible.

  4. donowp says:

    its cool. finally i found a great website build with prado…. 🙂

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