Driggs Founder Tony Mobily To Leave The Drupal Project

drigg-300x240Tony Mobily The founder of Drigg a popular set of modules for Drupal that allows anyone to build a digg like social news website has recently announced that he is leaving the project with immediate affect. What does this mean for users who have adopted the Drigg system and currently own websites and communities that utilize Drigg? and what does it mean for the actual Drigg project itself.

Back in late 2007 a lone programmer named Tony Mobily had become disillusioned and frustrated with the flawed Pligg system after using it for a social news project he was working on. Most of us without Tony’s coding skill set would simply have gave up the dream of owning a functioning digg like social news site but not Tony, Instead Tony decided to program one of the most impressive set of Drupal modules that was released in 2008 titled Drigg. Coding the Drigg set of modules initially took Tony hours upon hours of work by himself and 1000’s upon 1000’s of lines of code were specifically written for Drigg, the effort Tony placed into Drigg was and still is astonishing and very much appreciated by many.

With Drigg Tony brought a real competitor to the open source social news arena that’s features and potential expandability with other Drupal modules superseded any social new platform that had come before it. Back in January this year however Tony announced that he would be quitting coding for Drupal and handing the modules he has create over to other maintainers including the Drigg module. So what does this mean for users that have adopted drigg as their social news platform of choice and what does it mean for the drigg projects future as a whole.

Here is what Tony had to say about Drigg and his other modules futures.

As of now I am no longer a Drupal developer. I won’t abandon my modules and projects outright; I will keep on fixing bugs, for example. However, I won’t develop new features for my modules. Instead, I will be available to new developers who want to join the Drupal projects, and give them training and advice while they develop new features. Teaching is one of the things I will never tire of, and will be my next contribution to the Drupal community. I hope this will help create more developers, and will keep the modules I developed alive and active but as of now I have re-assessed my priorities.

Here at Social CMS Buzz we would like to take this opportunity to wish Tony all the best for the future and thank him for all his contributions to Drupal in the past.

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Author: on February 10th, 2009

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  1. mike says:

    As a result of this would you still recommend drigg as the platform to use for someone who hasn’t yet launched a site? Or would moving over to something that’s being actively maintained like SWCMS now become the better choice?


  2. Lincoln says:

    Hi Mike,

    At the moment the drigg system is stable and with additional modules can be expanded to great extent. As you mention the development not being added to with new features however makes it hard to recommend at the moment, although it is a great stable system.

    With the lack of certainty over drigg’s development i would say look closely and play around with both SWCMS and Drigg and see which system you prefer, whether drigg development will pick up again is at the moment an unknown fact which should be taken into consideration in your choice.

  3. Max says:

    It’s really sad to hear Tony left, but I wish him all the best.

    I just asked a prorgrammer to finish my drigg site themeing and plan to open the site to the public. But after hearing such a news, I just wonder whether should I switch to SWCMS instead. That’s a real big question.

    Besides the main developer left, I usually found the speed of SWCMS is a bit faster than drigg. May be the whole purpose of SWCMS is doing a digg like platform, but drigg is a whole CMS platform, so that’s why it makes thing a bit slow.

    Lincoln, I also read your artilce about SWCMS is the best platform so far. So what’s your opinion? So I stay or switch?

  4. Lincoln says:

    Hi max,

    I would ask yourself which features do you really need?.

    If you simply want a digg clone system thats easy to maintain, fast and low on resources consider SWCMS.

    If your plan is to have a digg type site with more advanced features like social networking, forums, blogs and just about anything else you can think of consider Drigg. Once you start adding all the other modules to drigg it become pretty database heavy though, we tend to you memcache etc and other techniques with large drupal drigg sites for clients that run on multiple servers with load balancers etc.

    A standard drigg install however simply used as a digg type site runs pretty well on a single dedicated low end server in our experience.

    It really depends what your projects requirements are, both are great systems in there own right.

    Hope that helps 😉

  5. Max says:

    Thanks Lincoln. Actually, I just want a simple digg platform. I don’t really other sys like blog or forum.

    Yes, may be I should reconider SWCMS.

    One thing that I found about SWCMS is that they don’t have too many templates to choose. But pligg got so many pretty templates. Do you know how hard it’s to convert pligg template to SWCMS template?

    I read a lot of your posts and learn that the developers in pligg is not really good. But I just found a post saying something bad about SWCMS: http://socialwebcms.blogspot.com/2009/03/when-open-source-goes-bad-socialwebcms.html Do you think that’s true?

  6. A4D says:

    The main power of Drigg to me was that it was a module of Drupal which gave it immense power, then I use vBdrupal which is integrated with vBulletin added the Drigg module and I had it working on the double platform.

    I have not used it much and there were a few limitations however it was something which made the package quite ideal. You can see a site using it in the url attached to the name.

  7. Vibhu says:

    Interesting comments, I am currently in the process of building a drigg based portal, which has link publishing but CMS (blogs, commenting, voting, media streaming) is the main part of the portal.

    I am hoping the Drigg user community keeps on supporting the forums and participating, until a someone can take the reigns of all the solid work that Tony has already done. Has anyone heard of anyone taking over the main development responsibilities as yet?

  8. A4D says:

    Drigg forums sadly looks more like a spam magnet now

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