Drigg Module Overtakes Pligg In Development and Features

drigglogosmall.jpgDrigg is a module for drupal that we have wrote about many times before and functions like pligg if not better than in many ways. Tony mobily the lead developer has just announced a major re write of the module as well as having some new dedicated developers join the team. Whilst pligg has lost developers and valuable contributors like an alzheimer’s patient loses their memory Drigg is adding developers and forging ahead, could Drigg become the preferred solution for current pligg users, read on to find out more.

The Drigg project originally stemmed from Tony’s own frustrations with the pliggs limitations and lack of quality development, something that can certainly not be said about the latest Drigg module.

Quote: Tony Mobily

Drigg right now is under active development. We are closing all of the outstanding issues (mainly important feature requests). Then, we need to separate drigg.module into separate modules (itโ€™s too big right now), and update it to Drupal 6.

One more developer has joined me (a godsend), and two more have shown active interest. With 4 part-time programmers, Drigg would really start flying.

Kevin Mathis is the latest developer to have joined the drigg project and brings some quality skills to the table. The Drigg team have also recently completed a full re-write of the module to make it more efficient and easier to update and bug fix, this is something i really admire about the Drigg project compared to pligg in the fact Drigg actually has a development plan, fixes bugs and improves the code at unprecedented speeds compared to the alternatives.

A few months back the decision was should i choose Pligg or Drigg for my social voting site, being very experienced with pligg and after playing around with the latest version of drigg there is no choice left Drigg is the CMS system of choice for digg clone projects. We will be writing a comprehensive comparison between the two systems in the coming days and lets just say it’s not looking good at all for pligg.

Tony has also said that drigg will be under heavy development in the coming months making many improvements and adding a plethora of new features including and update to Drupal 6, this is somthing we cannot wait to see as Drigg is pretty damn good already.

Drigg Homepage: http://www.drigg-code.org

Drigg Module Download: http://drupal.org/project/drigg

P.S After speaking with Tony we are currently developing a few free templates to contribute towards the drigg project, more on this soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Author: on April 25th, 2008

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