Drigg For Drupal 6 Under Development Again Thanks To Tony Mobily

Back in Feburary of this year we reported the news that Drigg’s founding developer Tony Mobily would be leaving the project with immediate effect. Upon Tony’s departure control of his various Drupal modules including Drigg were handed over to the Drupal team, it would see however that after a few months Tony became unhappy with the way his modules were being cared for/maintained by their new owners. The good news for Drigg owners today is that Tony has returned to development and retaken control of his modules, not a moment too soon in our opinion as Drigg is becoming the favored professional grade system of choice when starting a social news based website.

With more and more social news site’s launching that are based upon the Drigg system along with many other Pligg based sites converting to the system it came as a shock back in February When Tony announced his departure from the project. It would seem however that even Tony’s departure in Feburary could not stop users switching to or launching their project with a Drigg based system. The combination of Drupal 6 and Drigg is almost too formidable in reliability, expandability features wise and scalability for it’s competition to try and compete with at this current time. Where Pligg is considered the hobbyists system that will break or give you problems on an almost daily basis Drupal/Drigg is a professional level system that in our and many others experience is reliable, secure and a much more complete system.

With popular sites like DesignBump and WPscoop both showing whats achievable with the Drigg system it’s no wonder more and more website owners are switching to Drigg or launching their new project based upon the system. You may also notice both of these sites upcoming pages are not crammed full of spam like every pligg install on the web including v1.0.0 installs, Drigg actually has protection from spam in the form of a few fantastic modules like Spam, AntiSpam and Troll which is a massive advantage over Pligg.

Tony Mobily returning to the Drigg project is a massive boost for the community and already we have seen some updated BETA releases last month to the v6 branch of Drigg. With Tony and the community getting behind him Drigg looks set to become the number one choice of system to build a social news site like digg.com upon.

Visit: The Drigg Project

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Author: on August 8th, 2009

Category: Drigg, Drupal

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  1. Sean says:

    I have my drigg community site since the beginning of 2009 and I think is great. The problem is that the development of this module is dead and drupal keeps moving forward and at some point you are stuck with a buggy version of drupal with no chance to update it because that would break the drigg module. It is a total shame that no one at drupal has taken over this project. My site is here: http://www.f1community.org
    I customized it myself.