Drigg External Vote Button Module Released

Out of all the possible features Drigg can provide the only one that has been missing is an external vote buton that can be placed on external websites, no longer though as PGiro has just release a Drigg External Vote Button Module for Drigg that is compatible with Drupal 6.

Drigg is a feature packed CMS system much like Digg.com that runs upon the Drupal core, i actually prefer to think of Drupal as more of a professional grade framework rather than a Basic CMS system.

Since Drigg was initially launched around a year ago the only feature it’s competitors like Pligg had over Drigg was external voting buttons that you can place on your own website. Serious users of the Drigg system have been asking for external voting button functionality since the project was launched, this week PGiro released a fantastic module which achieves this functionality.

This recent addition to the Drigg system now leaves competitors like Pligg looking seriously limited and lacking any features that can compete with Drigg’s. With Drigg’s expandability due to drupal modules and the ability to construct a professional grade site Drigg should be the only option when thinking about launching a social news website.

This module really completes the Drigg package and will have competitors worried about what functions they can offer that Drigg cannot already perform with available free modules for Drupal. WIth Pligg taking a long time to release v1.0 of their system of which we beta tested the latest SVN a few days ago (Look For An Early Review In The Coming Days) it look’s as though Drigg will become the dominant force in the social news marketplace in the coming months.

The External Voting Module is currently only available for Drigg sites that are using v6 of Drupal.

Download: Drigg External Vote Button Module

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Author: on November 26th, 2008

Category: Drigg, Drupal

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  1. Max says:

    Thanks a lot for the post. Is there any tutorial of how to install it? I tried but the image doesn’t show. It only shows the text link only. But the text link is also link to the wrong url.

  2. Lincoln says:

    Watch out for a External Vote Button tutorial in the new year 😉

  3. Ramil says:

    Would like to ask if Drigg is still active in its development because as what I have noticed, the forum is very quite and the posts was weeks ago.