DotNetKicks setup you own digg style site in ASP.NET

dotnetkicks_opensource_thumb.pngA few days ago we blogged about PliggDotNet which was created by kbeever and is a port of the popular PHP based Digg like social cms script Pligg into ASP.NET. Although PliggDotNet is in it’s infancy as a project kbeever has now placed the source code of the project on sourceforge which is great news for all ASP.NET developers. After we wrote the article we were alerted to another ASP.NET project titled DotNetKicks that also allows users to create digg style voting sites.

Quote:Ian Suttle

DotNetKicks is the Digg of the .Net development niche. Back in July Gavin Joyce announced DotNetKicks had become an open source project. It took me a couple of months but last night I finally downloaded the source and began to dive in to check out the mechanics of the app. I was pleased by the overall organization of the solution, readability of the code, the use of tests, a multi layer approach, and clever integration of a few external open source projects.

I dont really use ASP.NET but DotNetKicks looks like a cool script, if you do use ASP.NET it’s definitely one that’s worth a look and test run.

Homepage: DotNetKicks

Source Code: DotNetKicks Download

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Author: on January 8th, 2008

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  1. Another Digg style site is (

    It makes direct link to your site, and each link is published on its home page over 15 kicks automatically.

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