DNHour.com Sold: New Owners Plan to Continue and Develop This Pligg Site

DNhour a pligg based website dedicated to domain name news and content has recently exchanged hands for $3,200 on Sedo, it’s not often we see a pligg based site actually sell so this is great news for DNhours original founder Koay Al Vin.

DNhour was officially sold to UBlogWeType Technologies, LLC on September 10th 2008 for the sum of $3.200, created in June 2007 DNhour was one of the first sites to offer a social news twist to domain related topics.

DNhour Statistics

Enrico Schaefer, one of the owners of UBlogWeType Technologies and an attorney of Traverse Legal, PLC, became interested in the sight due to the buzz around the domainer community when it went up for sale. Being an active member himself in the domainer community, Mr. Schaefer recognized the value of this website due to the website’s solid page rank, solid traffic and solid content. As a domain name dispute, cybersquatting and trademark lawyer that had visited the DNHour.com site many times previous to this purchase, Mr. Schaefer did not want to see it die.

Owners of pligg sites may be interested in this recent acquisition as they haven’t had many guides as to what value a pligg site holds. The main trend we see with pligg based sites seems to be lack of traffic and or lack user participation, DNhour does however have some traffic with an Alexa ranking of approx 80k that’s more than most other pligg based websites of the moment.

What is to happen now to DNHour.com under new ownership? In an interview on the online radio show, www.VTalk.com, Mr. Schaefer stated, “We want the DNHour community to know that we are going to preserve what has been accomplished to date and really grow it and extend it as a domainer tool, as an information tool for domainers. We already run other pligg sites such as www.Overflowlegal.com, so we have people who can simply step into this project and devote the necessary resources to help realize the full potential of DNHour. We have some really exciting ideas on how to drive A+ content within the domainer niche.

What’s your views on the final sale price and the future for this particular pligg site.?

Visit: DNhour.com

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Author: on October 16th, 2008

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