Digg Townhall Webcast February 26, 2009

In Digg’s fifth townhall, Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson answers questions put to them by the digg userbase covering topics such as power users, customized Digg pages, and dupe detection, with special guest Anton Kast, Digg’s VP of Research & Development.

Some interesting topics covered in this particular townhall webcast are the subject of blind voting, where members digg a story without visiting the original article to read the content. Digg have had a system in place for a while now which detects this type of behavior, here Jay and Kevin explain a little more on this topic. Another topic which is discussed is the shouts feature over at Digg which is one of the most annoying features at digg due to spammers sending digg this link shouts, Kevin mentions that the shouts feature will either be re-worked or completely removed. Removing the shouts feature in my eyes might be the best idea as i have never really got any real use from it in the past.

Another topic that was covered is the possibility in the near future of Digg introducing an official forum for it’s members. Watch the video to get more info and some great behind the scenes development knowledge of digg courtesy of Anton Kast.

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