DesignFloat The Popular Pligg Site Gets Spam Attacked

dfloat_125x125.gifMany times before here at Social CMS Buzz we have spoken about outstanding vulnerabilities within the Pligg CSM system related to spam attacks, it seems today has come under siege and is experiencing some nasty pligg spam related problems in one of these attacks. This is of concern to pligg webmasters as DesignFloat is an established pligg site that use’s all the available method’s of prevention currently available for Pligg.

Pligg webmasters and developers alike have been aware of the automated bot spam that the Pligg CMS system is becoming renowned for, it’s rare we actually see an attack taking place or have any images of how bad these attacks can be for a pligg site.

DesignFloat today and even at the time of writing is suffering one of these attacks on a massive scale, the entire upcoming section from page 1 up to page 8 has been spammed in the Business & Freelancing category with around 160+ entries from

You can see from the image below the extent of the attack.

As you can see from above the attack is pretty severe and is happening too fast to be human, these type of attacks can really cripple a site and take a lot of time to block the attacker then clean out the spam entries. With pligg having no way of actually deleting stories that’s where one of the major downfalls of the Pligg CMS system stand out.

Pligg also now haven’t released a version of the system for over six months and with a recent admission from the developers that v1.0 will be more of the same with some little fixes the future isn’t bright. Excruciatingly slow development intervals and 6 month old vulnerabilities all add up to the situation we are seeing today, it’s also the main casue of pligg’s traffic drop as users aren’t visiting as much as they used too.

I really hope Andrew over at DesignFloat can solve the issue soon and it doesn’t open the gate for others with different domains and IP’s to exploit the same vulnerability.

Visit: DesigFloat

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Author: on June 6th, 2008

Category: Pligg

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