Design Bump: Digg Like Niche Social Media For Designers

Over the past month or two i have been using a new social media site for designers titled Design Bump. Design Bump functions very much like and the already established, members submit articles they are interested in and fellow members vote and comment upon those articles with the most popular being published to the main page.

Design Bump: Digg Like Niche Social Media For Designers

Design Bump is the brainchild of John Campbell and has been open for around two months now, John Hopes Design Bump will be a place where designers come to share news, showcase their work, and talk about everything that is important to them.

Unlike most social voting startups we see here at Social CMS Buzz John decided against using the Pligg system as Design Bump’s codebase, rather he chose the drupal equivalent titled Drigg. This could prove a very good choice in our opinion as Drigg should allow John to expand Design Bump’s feature set beyond that of anything pligg can currently offer developers.

In the future John plans to add forums, galleries and showcases, and has recently completed more personalized profile pages for members. This is where the Drupal based Drigg system shine’s over that of a Pligg based site, Drupal already has all the modules john needs for Design Bumps features freely available it’s simply a matter integrating them into Design Bump.

As most of you will know i am already a HUGE! fan of Design Float and Design Bump is growing on me too, if you haven’t already visited Design Bump i would encourage you to do so. If you own a design related website these type of niche social media sites can really help with exposure along with being great resources for discovering content.

Visit: Design Bump

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Author: on July 26th, 2008

Category: Drigg

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  1. anilrgowda says:

    Even i started a site using drigg…i was pissed off with pligg and started using drigg it roks with load of features and its stable and support is awesome say good bye to pligg you go my drigg site

  2. michelle says:

    consider mine as well, nice website for social media for designers

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