Delver The Social Graph Search Engine Launches Alpha

Delver The Social Graph Search EngineEarlier this week we reported on Scour a new search engine with some exciting social based features, hot on the heels of the Scour launch comes another new social based search service titled Delver. One of the main features of Delver is that it utilizes public profiles from social networks to improve the relevancy of search results.

Delver The Social Graph Search Engine

How Delver Functions

Delver allows users to input details of their various social networking profiles from services including, myspace, facebook,, LinkedIn, blogger, digg, flickr, youtube, hi5, and friend feed. When a user searches delver for content the search prioritizes results based on a user’s network by indexing information from various social networking profiles.

Delver will first display search results in a graphical layout based on any social connections/contacts that it was able to find. Search results are then ranked based upon the strength of your social connections, the result is a search engine that ranks what you and your friends liked rather than an algorithm providing relevancy. Friends that are closest to you have a higher rank than friends that are further down the line in your connections ie, friends of friends don’t rank as high as your own friends.

Series A (June 2007): $2.25 million by Carmel Ventures, a top-tier Israeli venture capital firm. Series B will commence in the first quarter of 2008.

As a side note delver is developed using Ruby In Rails by the looks of things.


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Author: on July 19th, 2008

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