Create A Social Networking Site With Joomla Using JomSocial

www_jomsocial_comJomSocial is a set of Joomla components that allows you to create a sophisticated Social Networking site using the popular free and open source Joomla software. The JomSocial system is an less complicated alternative to similar modules available for drupal and the likes.

JomSocial is a social networking tool that enables everyone to create unique, engaging & interactive Joomla communities effortlessly! Ajax-powered and packed with advanced social networking features, customizable templates, and more.

  • create, join and participate in groups
  • connect with each other via buddy/friends system
  • communicate with friends via private messages
  • upload and share photos
  • and so much more with a robust API for 3rd party component integration!

Front Page

Profile Page

Features of JomSocial

Admin will be free to add any number of custom fields, or not have any at all.No custom field is forced down your throat. However, if you like the power ofhaving custom field, it is there for you. User shall be able to perform complexsearches, making it easier to find like-minded buddy.

Private messaging system

Send a private message to anyone.
Robust API allows any 3rd party apps to send Private Message

Friend-buddy system (Friends)


Be in the loop!. Find out what your friend are up to. Don’t be the last one to know about a buddys’ birthday party!

  • keep up to date on what is happening within your social circle
  • subscribe to activity stream via rss feed
  • find out what other people are talking about


A group allow like-minded members within your community to build their own little group.

  • Create and join groups. Groups are like your own exclusive clubs!
  • Create group discussion
  • Post on group walls
  • Group owner can publish news bulletin
  • Control group membership
  • Subscribe to group activity stream

Rich media hosting (Media)

Photos and files hosting supported.
Create personal photo album

External applications support (Apps)

With being able to add other component modules for Joomla like Seyret Video and Fireboard JomSocial really makes owning a social networking site a reality for anybody who wants one.

Demo and Homepage: JomSocial

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Author: on February 16th, 2009

Category: Joomla

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  1. Jason says:

    Wow!This means I could actually have my own Myspace or Facebook. I would research on the JomSocial further and I hope to really be able to launch my own social networking site soon.

  2. okinawa says:

    They certainly have taken things up a knotch…

  3. Best of all, we are no longer beholden to CB (Community Builder) and the more than a year beta for a marginally improved social networking engine. More simply, JomSocial is godsend. 😉

  4. JomSocial is awesome. I started building a social site back when joomla 1.0 was still new. Integrating and hacking became the name of the game, getting all the components and modules and plugins (mambots) to work together. No more. Joomla 1.5, JomSocial, and few other components and you’re ready to compete with the smaller social sites! Ready, set, build traffic!

  5. Turin says:

    Hello … someone has a tutorial with images to form JomSocial .. please, they might put the Link thank you for the help

  6. Micheal says:

    Why i have to pay for while offering it for free with same features?

    Both also counting on third party addons in case a person need them.

    Both have same features such as: profile, photos, groups, …..

    If you look to the main page of both of them, they are kinda similar.

  7. Mpho says:

    im definitely using jomsocial for my social networking site.

  8. Dadyal says:

    i am also using js

  9. somon says:

    I want to develop my site with jomsocial

  10. Can anyone provide a few suggested template galleries for Joomla?