Build A Digg Clone With Drigg For Drupal – Part 1 What You Will Need

With Drupal having won numerous awards and become the system of choice for many professional grade websites it’s still surprising however that many new Social News (Digg Clone) projects choose to deploy the Pligg system in favor of Drigg for Drupal. With this in mind we decided to start a feature of tutorial articles detailing exactly how to install and configure a Drupal Drigg based project, the articles will be split into separate parts and will detail every stage of setting up a drigg based project.

Drigg offers far more support, security, features, scaleability and expandability than Pligg so whats holding the uptake of the Drigg system back? It would appear on surface that the main hurdle for many with Drigg is Installation and Configuration, you see Drupal isn’t as easy to configure as Pligg but thats an expected side affect of using a professional grade system over a personal/hobbyist system like Pligg.

Don’t be put off though Drupal is no where near as complicated as you may have thought or been told, in this set of tutorials we will detail what applications you need, drupal and drigg install, drupal and drigg configuration, addon module install and configuration and other topics we deem to be relevant to your Drigg project.

At the end of these tutorials you will have a drigg powered social news site that is secure, stable, has great support and is highly expandable, all of the things which a pligg based system is not.

Drupal Drigg is built on Modules that plugin in to the drupal core. So lets begin with todays intro to drigg and what Software and Modules you will require to assemble your Drigg based Project.

Getting What You Need
The first step of this tutorial will be downloading the software required for a basic Drigg install, you will need domain name and php and mysql hosting in addition.

Make sure any modules you are downloading are for version 5.x of drupal and are not Development snapshots with a red border, the Official releases will have a green border surrounding them these are the one you want.

Drupal 5* Core
At the moment Drigg runs on Drupal 5 but is planned to be ported to v6 soon, for the moment you will need v5.10 which is the latest version.

Download Drupal Version 5

Drigg Module
This is the main drigg module with all the digg like features.

Download Drigg Module

Voting API Module
Voting API is needed to control voting actions in drigg.

Download Voting API Module

Extra Voting Forms Module
Used to display and style the digg like vote buttons.

Download Extra Voting Forms Module

User Karma Module
Used for Drigg user karma system.

Download User Karma Module

Tagadelic Module
module needed to control tags for submitted stories.

Download Tagadelic Module

Basic Captcha Module required for user Spam prevention.

Download CAPTCHA Module

reCAPTCHA Module
Advanced addon CAPTCHA interface for the above Basic CAPTCHA module.

Download reCAPTCHA Module

You should now have the core Drupal 5 package and all the modules required to setup a basic Drigg install, in the next tutorial we will take you through the detailed steps of installing Drupal and Drigg.

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Author: on September 25th, 2008

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  1. jellings says:

    Thanks for the article; looking forward to part 2.

    The captcha module is linked to the tagadelic module; it should be

  2. Lincoln says:

    Thanks J, fixed the link within the article 🙂

  3. rolandog says:

    Nice tutorial! Btw, the link to the download Drupal is pointed to 6.4 and not 5.10.

  4. @rolandog: have you actually tried to click the link and find the 5.10 download link there?

  5. @rolandog / @Gábor Hojtsy / @Lincoln:
    instead of , it could be better to use

  6. Lincoln says:

    Thanks DTG that seems a much better choice of link 😉 i have changed the core link in the article to point to 🙂


    Part 2 of the tutorial will be live in a few days from 5th October, some work related issues arose and i dint want to rush the most crucial section of the overall tutorial.

  7. Alex G says:

    I’m new to social networking CMS and was going to jump into a project using Pligg. After reading your articles, I think I’ll not waste time with Pligg and go with Drupal. Any recommendations on who/a business that can help with customization is appreciated.

  8. James says:

    I found another site like this Is it developed in drupal ?

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