Bookmarking Demon Claims It’s A Pligg Auto Submission Tool

Back in July 2008 we wrote an article about AutoPligg a tool which allows BlackHat type’s to submit stories automatically to thousands of pligg based websites to gain backlinks. Bookmarking Demon is yet another such tool that’s now claiming to be able to submit your stories to thousands of Pligg and Scuttle based websites.

Bookmarking Demon is primarily a tool that will no doubt be used by BlackHat SEO enthusiasts to gain quick backlinks to whatever site they are trying to promote. Bookmarking Demon claim that there tool can submit your story/link to thousands of social bookmarking sites saving you the hassle of doing it manually, funny as it may seem they also claim on the website that it is NOT a spam tool.

What Bookmarking Demon say about there tool

Just in case you are wondering if BookmarkingDemon is a demonic blackhat spamming social bookmarking tool – The answer is NO! It is not designed to spam!

With some of the image snaps (see below) available on the website the makers of Bookmarking Demon also seem to be claiming that their software can somehow bypass all of pligg’s captcha’s including ReCAPTCHA. Whether it can indeed bypass ReCAPTCHA successfully which we doubt, email validation within Pligg should make things a little slower for any potential users of Bookmarking Demon.

One of the funniest things we seen on the Bookmarking Demon website is the Advertisement video they have made, we have linked it below and it’s worth the watch for it’s comedy value alone.

YouTube Preview Image

To watch the so called Training Videos mention in the fantastic video presentation above visit here.

We don’t think this tool will be a serious threat to most experienced Pligg owners, it could however be more of a threat to purchasers when they realize that it cannot auto register to pligg sites that use ReCAPTACHA and was indeed a waste of money. Bookmarking Demon costs nearly $200 but as the old saying goes that infomercial video is “priceless”.

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Author: on February 22nd, 2009

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