AutoPligg: Behind The Scenes Of The Pligg Spam Tool

After we revealed the existence of an Automated Pligg spam tool titled AutoPligg yesterday an good samaritan simply going by the name “sorry” contacted us. Your probably thinking what did this user called sorry have to say, well nothing really?.  He did however provide us with a login for the AutoPligg forums as all registrations need to be approved, and It would be downright rude not to have a look at some of the threads concerning AutoPligg wouldn’t it?.

To grasp a better understanding of how AutoPligg works read this article AutoPligg Spam Tool: Pligg Spam Just Got A Whole Lot Worse, AutoPligg basically creates fake, automated pligg user accounts to gain blackhat SEO webmasters vast amounts of back links by submitting and voting upon links.

AutoPligg Forum ScreenShot

AutoPligg How It Creates Fake Users

Proposal For Multi-Threading Capability
At the moment it would seem AutoPlig can only submit a single story at a time, multi-threading basically means it could do lots at once.

We Even Got A Shout At Social CMs BUZZ In Their Forums

It would seem they picked up on our original article pretty quickly.

As you can see pligg faces a cat and mouse game with the developers of autopligg, lets hope pligg are triumphant.

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Author: on July 29th, 2008

Category: Pligg

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  1. aslo says:

    Feels great as a rat eh ? 😉

    buy autopligg!

  2. earlgrey says:

    How to feel like a rat,is this where do you have a great experience….? can setup rules (if you are from,you know what i mean…. ) for his members again and again,but (i mean the 1 person behind this) can never be sure..that her members will respect the rules!
    Because of this is there a great chance that each other of the can be the “RAT”! OPENs the Fight!
    Someone answer you..thats all…thats the rules…

    BE SURE! will loose this fight,they have a lot of problems with here software,startet with de-/encoding of the software source,+ different bugs, upto the stupid “wannabe” SEO Members..which are to dumb to save here passwords.

    And know my question:
    How do it feels,that each of the passwords from the Forum (autopligg-thread) will be reset each day…
    You will get the answer…you have only to wait…

  3. pliggadmin says:

    Interesting article Lincoln!

    We are aware of this new tool and we were considering buying it from its owners.We feel however that it’s not as serious as you think, moreover we think it’s a great tool to promote our own business. It simply means more content, more content means more traffic, more traffic means more millions and more millions means that you can grab some piece of this cake yourself.I am not telling you to buy this script and use it, but we know that many genuine businesses and honest companies will use it to promote their sites.Thats why we created Pliqq, for people, by people.

  4. Tle says:

    This is just personal experience.

    I don’t think autopligg that bad. Hundreds of articles has been created and submited each hours allowed visitors to search and found out more stuffes they are looking for on the internet. However, only if those articles got quality: correct grammar, content and submitted to the right directory (this is the way to respect pligg websites owners), then autopligg would be great sources for marketing free online.

    Able to advertise for free (save money), driving thousands of free traffic is a dream of newbie/beginner. (I am one of them :))

  5. Punk4hire says:

    Dang. Autopligg is the shittnit!