45 Drupal Sites Which You May Not Have Known Were Drupal Based

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Drupal is an open source CMS system (Content Management System) that allows anyone to build fairly complicated dynamic website applications. A question we get asked here at Social CMS Buzz is what popular, well known websites use Drupal as their system, the answer is lots with Nike, Universal Music, Warner Bros, Yahoo and Adobe being just a few of the ones we have listed in this article.


NASA APPEL Home | Academy of Program / Project & Engineering Leadership

DivX Labs

DivX Labs




MTV UK – Flux


20th Century Fox Searchlight

Warner Bros Recordings

Linden Lab – Makers Of Second Life

Teen Second Life

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Author: on September 24th, 2008

Category: Drupal, Planet Drupal

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  1. Taylor says:

    Wow who would have thought I never knew that. I have been thinking about using drupel

  2. minanube says:

    Really nice work!.

    in few years ago, in my head, the best CMS was Joomla.

    Now I don’t know which is…

  3. Mike Ireland says:

    Fantastic showcase of websites – I’m jealous! Some beautiful design work. Drupal is obviously very adaptable.

  4. getanswers says:

    couldnt belive at first…open source ‘s website is tweaked version of default theme. rest amazing…

  5. I knew some of them, but yes I missed the rest. You surfed a lot better:) Great pick. Thanks

  6. http://flock.com/ is also a nice and pretty famous website in Drupal. I worked with WordPress and Joomla and found that almost every good module was commercial, while most (if not all) Drupal modules are free. That made me switch to Drupal and I think I made a good decision.

  7. Joe Felinio says:

    Interesting list. Another good site is http://youcreatewebsite.com. The guy who made the site teaches about CMS’s and Drupal. Thanks for this list…it further proves to me that Drupal is the best CMS.

  8. You got some nice resources here. I am thinking of converting my site from WordPress to Drupal as it has so many more possibilities, but I am hesitant as I hear it is pretty challenging….

  9. dhaupin says:

    Drupal is the best in every way.

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