45 Drupal Sites Which You May Not Have Known Were Drupal Based

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Drupal is an open source CMS system (Content Management System) that allows anyone to build fairly complicated dynamic website applications. A question we get asked here at Social CMS Buzz is what popular, well known websites use Drupal as their system, the answer is lots with Nike, Universal Music, Warner Bros, Yahoo and Adobe being just a few of the ones we have listed in this article.


NASA APPEL Home | Academy of Program / Project & Engineering Leadership

DivX Labs

DivX Labs




MTV UK – Flux


20th Century Fox Searchlight

Warner Bros Recordings

Linden Lab – Makers Of Second Life

Teen Second Life

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Author: on September 24th, 2008

Category: Drupal, Planet Drupal

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  1. stephthegeek says:

    TheOnion.com, PopSugar.com, and NYObserver.com are another few shining examples!

  2. I guessing most people would immediately see Flex.org is drupal based, since its using the default theme! :p

  3. bertboerland says:

    wel, I knew all of them 🙂

    see also http://buytaert.net/tag/drupal-sites for a very good list (most of these are on that list as well) of drupalsites

  4. Wim Mostrey says:

    Also, http://www.spreadfirefox.com is an early adapter that recently got an update with the Firefox Download Day.

  5. Jo says:

    Yahoo! Research (research.yahoo.com) and Sandbox (sandbox.yahoo.com) are Drupal powered too!

  6. Dan says:

    Great list, but come on! If you can’t tell Flex.org is Drupal you’ve never seen Drupal before!

  7. Bevan says:

    The title says ’45 Drupal sites’ but there are only a handful in the list. where are the other 30?


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