45 Drupal Sites Which You May Not Have Known Were Drupal Based

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Adobe Flex.org

Mission Metallica

EA Games – Battlefield Heroes

Led Zeppelin

Bob Dylan

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Author: on September 24th, 2008

Category: Drupal, Planet Drupal

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  1. thank you very very much

  2. muskratboy says:

    sure, the best at being ridiculously complex and inflexible.

    and what version are you using? cause they’re all different. and incompatible.

    drupal = giant suck.

    but then most CMS suck pretty bad… this is just the new, clunky open source version.

  3. TheAL says:

    Very cool. Especially since Drupal is frapping awesome and just about the best CMS out there. @muskratboy’s claim that it isn’t flexible is 110% untrue and the opposite of Drupal’s whole purpose for existing. It’s a lego. You have to build onto it. No one said it would be easy.

    I’ve been working with it since 2007. It’s so much easier to do complex things with it compared to WordPress or Joomla. And that’s right out of the box, too. My only complaint about this list is that A) Most ridiculously impressive Drupal sites were built by a huge team of developers, which doesn’t give much hope to the people using it as loners, and B) Most of those sites hacked the actual core of Drupal and built functionality around it in ways people who can’t do that won’t be able to do. Kind of a tease.

  4. Sai says:

    You forgot whitehouse.gov