20 Of The Best CSS Navigation Menu Techniques

One of the most important features of your website will be the navigation menu, not only do you want the menu to look good but it must be functional and instinctive to use. If your visitors cannot navigate your site easily and instinctively traffic and return visits will suffer, it can be a fine balance between usability and good navigation menu design. In this post we have listed 20 usable examples from which you can hopefully gather some inspiration from, all the menus come with tutorials and code snippets which can easily be edited to suit your own needs.

11 horizontal menus, based on Sliding Doors

Chrome CSS Drop Down Menu

CSS Based Navigation

Light Weight Low Tech CSS Tabs

Simplebits Mini-Tab Shapes

Drop-Down Llama Menu

Inverted Sliding Doors tabs

Accessible Image-Tab Rollovers

Turning a list into a navigation bar

Inline Minitabs

Digg-v2-like navigation bar using CSS

Simple CSS vertical menu Digg-like

Flickr like horizontal menu

Tabbed search bar using CSS and Javascript

Tabbed Navigation Using CSS

2 Level Menu With Hover Effect

CSS Menu with Slider (Javascript Powered)

Pure CSS horizontal Drop Down Menu

Hoverbox Menu

Fancy Menu

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Author: on July 2nd, 2008

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